18 July, 2009

mysterious happenings on the oregon coast

So Thursday night around midnight I walked out on the beach and the breakers were cresting with a pale blue glow. Dinoflagelates, bioluminescence. I wasn't sure at first until I walked down to the shoreline and kicked the wet sand. It sparkled like faery dust. Up the beach a group of aging hipsters on their way to Burning Man were celebrating the 5oth birthday of one of their members, a female fire dancer who was juggling several flaming hula hoops.

The next day we hiked out on Cape Lookout. Someone had attached a leaf to the sign advising hikers on what to do if they encounter a bear ("if a bear attacks, fight back"). The leaf was notched so that it looked just like the face in The Scream by Edvard Munch. At first I thought it was just an oddity of nature until we came across several more similarly notched leaves on the trail. See photos.


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