23 June, 2009

No Roads That Do Not Bend


Another new song on My Space- follow the link to hear it.
This is a new, lower and slower version of a song I had posted in the past. It's in memory of Kate Wolf who was a friend. I had the good fortune of being asked to play accordion on a couple of her albums. In her song, "These Times We're Living In" Kate wrote: "If I could I'd tell you now there are no roads that do not bend." That line kept rolling in my head as I was driving through the Mojave Desert where the road often seems to stretch unbendingly all the way to the horizon.

The Mystic Maze is a large system of furrows near the town of Needles, California, created in ancient times by the Old Ones. I stood on a bluff and looked out over the fields at the changing light of dusk but I couldn't see anything. Later an old Mojave told me that they are best perceived from the air, which is interesting because when they were created air travel was not a reality. Or was it?