15 May, 2009

early light

Another new song on My Space- please listen; it's the one called early light. Feel free to listen to the others too, if you'd like. Here's the link:


This was one of many songs I wrote in the mid-seventies after I first discovered there is more to spirituality than just being a good Methodist. In fact, holiness is not so much a virtue as it is a presence, one that is as close as the air we breathe, and is accessed not so much by our efforts to achieve it as by our surrender to its loving insistence in our lives. Hence the lyric:

There is no choice, he said, it's all been done before you
Matters of surrender are not left to choice or chance
So stop your aimless running, there's a place in the circle for you
We're meeting on the hillside, won't you come and join the dance?

I was also under the strong influence of progressive bands like Yes and King Crimson at the time, so I tried to infuse my songs with a spirit of rhythmic and harmonic experimentation. I hope this song still speaks, 30 years later.