22 May, 2009

artichoke tonight

Tonight I have a 30 minute gig at the Artichoke Music coffee house on Hawthorne Street in Portland, 8 PM. I'll be joined by my good friends David Peyton on flute, Leslie Logan on violin, and my lovely, faithful wife Claire singing harmonies and making miscellaneous weird noises.

Right now I'm feeling very insecure about my singing voice- a great disconnect between the emotion behind my songs and what seems to come out when I try to perform them. I'm not fishing for complements here, just trying to give an honest description of where I'm at. Tonight I hope to lay low, work with the microphone and try to get out of my self a little, into the love (make love not art).

If you are local and you are free, please come and hear us, and the other fine musicians who will undoubtedly be performing at this fine venue.