05 June, 2009

A Wheeled World Will Roll Away

Lately I've been mostly using the blog to let you know when I post a new song on My Space. They let us post ten songs at a time now and I try to keep ten there at all times. The latest went up yesterday. It's called "A Wheeled World Will Roll Away." I wrote it in 1992. Brendan was 12 and Devin was 9 and it was looking like my traveling days were over. Little did I know that in 12 years I would have a job that would send me flying and driving all over the continental United States, amassing a large catalog of new songs and stories. Now that job is gone and the song suddenly takes on a new, welcome resonance. Follow the link to listen to it, and the other nine songs currently posted:


Here are the lyrics:


See the silver highway rolling on, see the golden fields of Avalon
The green hills hiding in a veil of grey
Many colors fading into one, a radiant union like the sun
To reach before your life is over.
Look again the wheel is losing spin
Look again the ring is wearing thin
The sunset colors splash and fade away
Many kindred souls have come and gone
They plucked the highway with their song
And now they sleep beneath the clover

A wheeled world will roll away (X 8)

In the sky the swans are winging home, see the chevron shifting like a poem
The birches blazing in their autumn clothes
Every son of thunder knows his end, the place where home and highway blend
The bend that draws the homesick sinner
In the time it takes to tell the time little birds compose their closing lines
The last song fades into the afterglow
A screen door slams and a barn door swings
And a hound dog barks and a woman sings
The bell is ringing, time for dinner.

A wheeled world will roll away (X8)
I told the road to take me down the road
But the road refused to take me down the road (X2)

On the road the cars keep rolling on
In the night they wake you with their song
The life they call to mind seems far away
So you turn and seek the shadows deep
And travel lightly into sleep
And make the changes without knowing