06 May, 2009

Love Buzz #3

Another new song on My Space. This one's just for fun.

One morning I was making a pot of my favorite fair-trade coffee- "Love Buzz" by equal exchange. I started singing:

Well, I got a love buzz
I got a sweet tooth
I got a tendency
For telling the whole truth...

Wow! A song! So I went to the internet to check the title. It turns out there is already a song called Love Buzz, originally by a Dutch band called Shocking Blue, who also gave us the song "Venus" which was a big hit for Bananarama and was later featured in a very silly ladies' shaver commercial. The original Love Buzz was also covered by Nirvana.

So I call my song "Love Buzz #3", the first Love Buzz being the Shocking Blue song, the second being the fair trade coffee. Mine is the third. Listen to it please: