19 October, 2009

two poems

Sorry I haven't been reading or writing the blogs for awhile. As an act of intention I will post this:

I found two poems in one of my old journals, written on May 12, 1997. I generally think I am a better songwriter than a crafter of stand-alone poetry, but these tickled me, so I thought I would post them here:

Poem #1

In the heart of a blue spruce night
in the reflective waters of a cascadian lake
a bright green fireball falls
the trail fades before it can be traced
it seems to linger a little longer in the reflection
These things never seem to reach the ground,
muses the hermit
as he tosses a stone into the lake
but it's too dark to see the ripples.

Poem #2

Signs abound, stationary in stone, fluid in time
but haste not, ye traveler, in your interpretation
That black cat crossing your path may be more about the dog
that is chasing hi than about any ill luck he portends.
That spread-eagled ladder inviting your path down the sidewalk
It may be better to stand under
than to understand.