23 June, 2009

No Roads That Do Not Bend


Another new song on My Space- follow the link to hear it.
This is a new, lower and slower version of a song I had posted in the past. It's in memory of Kate Wolf who was a friend. I had the good fortune of being asked to play accordion on a couple of her albums. In her song, "These Times We're Living In" Kate wrote: "If I could I'd tell you now there are no roads that do not bend." That line kept rolling in my head as I was driving through the Mojave Desert where the road often seems to stretch unbendingly all the way to the horizon.

The Mystic Maze is a large system of furrows near the town of Needles, California, created in ancient times by the Old Ones. I stood on a bluff and looked out over the fields at the changing light of dusk but I couldn't see anything. Later an old Mojave told me that they are best perceived from the air, which is interesting because when they were created air travel was not a reality. Or was it?


  1. I like it Jim. My favorite so far. One request please, I wish you would post the lyrics too, sometimes it is a little hard for me to make out the words. I'm planning on re-reading Small Boat as a whole soon and will give you some feed back when I finish. When it was posted as individual chapters I kinda lost the thread inbetween. Love you.


  2. Hi Lorri, when you go to the My Space profile look for the word "lyrics" up by the song title and click on it. The lyrics will appear.
    Thanks! Hope to see you soon!

  3. I really like this new version. The slower speed feels very roady. is roady a word?

  4. I would say it's "roadie" but I think that's the guy who loads the amplifiers onto the truck.