30 March, 2009

Moving On

OK, it's been two weeks since I posted the last Chapter of Small Boat Sails into Big Mystery. I said I would mothball Jim's General Blog and use this one from now on for all my blogging compulsions.

If you read the book you can still comment here on any of the posts, or send me an email:

If you haven't read the book, you can still do so. Start with the third posting in the Archive list, dated January 8.

I am adrift now, not sure where to take this next. The book and its oceanic presence has been such a strong part of my inner life for a long time. I need to demonstrate by my actions that I stand behind my favorite self-created slogan, MAKE LOVE NOT ART. It is not our accomplishments, and especially not the money or the fame we desire from our accomplishments that matters. It is placing oneself fully in the flow of love from which all creativity streams. This is not something I have yet learned in my deepest tides. I still grieve that at age 61 (next week) I have still not "arrived". There is only one terminal at the end of this earthly journey and we should not be in such a rush to get there.

I have a lovely, actual spiritual community here in Portland. The idea of establishing a global, virtual community via the internet is intriguing, but not essential. Here is my probing heart. Are you out there? Do we have anything to say to each other?