28 December, 2008


The main reason for this blog: I have written (or perhaps am still writing) a novel called Small Boat Sails into Big Mystery (or maybe it's called something else). I am not interested in marketing this novel but I would like a few people to read it. As soon as I learn how to call the attention of a bunch of people to this blog, I will post Chapter 1. If you read it and you are interested in Chapter 2, let me know. I will continue posting chapters as long as there is interest.


  1. I can't wait to read the story!

  2. Hi Jim,

    My attention has been called to this blog. :)

    Maybe if you put something to read here now, the people who visit will enjoy it & pass on the link to everyone they know & it will spread like [something that spreads contagiously & widely but sounds nicer then a virus].

    I'm not so good at waiting...

    Kathy (from West Hills)